Innovation Management-The Truth Behind Idea Development and Smart People

When we are looking at creativity in this context, we can define it as the identification of problems and generation of ideas while for innovation can be summed as the selection of the idea, its development and eventual commercialization.

For information, we need to know that there are distinct processes that enhance the identification of problems and idea selection. On the other hand, there are as well distinct processes for the enhancement of idea selection, development and their commercialization. Though we cannot give a surefire route to commercial success, these ways can greatly improve the chances that an investment that goes this way will be of successful results and will not end up a waste anyway. They will generally get to enhance the chances that the ideas generated and developed will be of great success and fit for the purposes for which they were created. You can observe the information about the 
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Oftentimes, we see leaders relying on smart people to come with what they wish to consider great ideas. This is just but a mistake and cannot stand the test of time. Smart people cannot be trusted with the role of coming up with great ideas for a number of reasons and some are such as we can see below mentioned.

The ideas of smart people is never what that matters to people anyway. This is the number one fact we must accept. Actually the person who matters in this cycle is the end-user for the basic fact that his or her acceptance of the product is what will spell the success or failure of the project anyway. But unfortunately, in most cases we don't see enough end-user analysis before an investment decision is made. One very easy way of assessing end-user benefits is through the use of the buyer experience cycle and utility layers as a means for determining an ideas end value. Pick out the most interesting info about 
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The other reason why it is never a good idea to rely on the opinion of smart people for the sake of coming up with great ideas and solutions is that these ideas are never as superior to that of a large number of people and a big number of diverse backgrounds and novelties. This kind of opinion is just of less value comparatively. There are so many benefits when you get to solicit for opinions from such a diverse background to develop an idea for the growth of your business for they will end up in an effect called "idea cross pollination" which will be very good for the effectiveness of the whole idea at the end of the day.